Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is It Still Considered Child Labor if He is Enjoying Himself?

The other day, my friend Alicia came over to help me clean, and she brought my little buddy Sean. Wouldn't you know, Sean loves to clean. At first I thought it would be more of a pain, you know, like I would have to go behind him and re-clean everything he touched. But no, he is a really good little helper! The funniest thing was, when I was-----Holy Cow!!!! Not to interrupt myself, but I am at work and a tour group of about 15 people just walked in here! I think they were here to visit a real live police station, but I am not sure...Meanwhile, I have magazines, beef jerky, nilla wafers, teddy grahams, bananas, triscuts, health bars, bagels, donuts and a smoothie, spread out all over the counters! Sitting down, I don't look pregnant, these people must have thought I was the world's biggest pig!! That was so embarrassing. I wonder who the heck they were? I wonder why no one warned me... Anyway back to my story, I would sweep up all the dog hair into a giant pile, (we are talking about enough hair that I could reconstruct an image of any one of my 50 pound plus poochies) and Sean would take his dump truck toy, fill the scoop with hair and dump it in the trash. It was so cute! Thank God, for Alicia, my house looked better than it had in years, er, I mean months!
It is so fantastic being back at work. Some days are really hard, mostly towards the end of the day, but yesterday...Yesterday was the first day since I was diagnosed with Hyperemisis that I didn't feel sick the whole day! Not once! That is huge! It may also be a fluke, but all day I thanked God for the reprieve, and prayed I would finally be turning the corner.
So how is Liam? He is doing great. We are at 6 months tomorrow! He kicks quite a bit. I love laying down and putting the remote on my tummy because, when he kicks, it bounces noticeably. It's kind of frustrating though, because every time I have Chris put his hand on my belly, Liam immediately stops moving. Then when Chris gives up, Liam starts his rehearsals for joining the Rockettes, again. Also my center of gravity is a little off, and I keep forgetting that. Yesterday I was leaning forward really far to hang something up and I fell face first into the closet! Chris, who was standing right there, didn't even blink, he is so used to my clutz-y-ness. He just said, "What the heck are you doing?" Like I suddenly just got a wild urge to inspect the floor of the closet close up. Floor's fine in there, by the way.
It really sucked being the only one of my friends who didn't have kids and wasn't pregnant. But I got to tell you, now that I am the pregnant one when everyone else is finished---Score! So far I have been given bouncy chairs, boxes of baby clothes, play mats, and Brina gave me 2 bags of great maternity clothes. I feel so lucky!
And on a final random note, my friend "D", she is the one who we started trying to make a kid at the exact same time, is pregnant again! Trevor is only 7 months, wow! Can I just say if at this point in my life, if she was pregnant for the second time AND Brittany Spears gets to be pregnant too.... Well if I was sitting here still barren, I really think I'd be looking for a bell tower to climb with a high powered rifle. So, um, it's really good that fiasco was averted, huh? Til later!


Brina said...

I was having a supremely bad day and you just make me laugh. And if you ever need "child labor" Alex is a great helper and is insane about vaccuuming. And he has experience with "The Animal..."

Anonymous said...

I can see by your sense of humor (which has never really gone away, God bless you)and the length of your post, that you are feeling better. Hope today is another great day and the first of many, many more.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Heeee you are so lucky. My sister's kids love to help "clean" but what really ends up is a mess bigger than Texas. What started out as a pile of dog fur ended up as dog fur confetti thrown about with delight by the 2 of them! Glad to hear you are feeling well.


Aunty Lu said...

I am sooooooooo glad to read your post. I have been waiting anxiously and checking every few days for my "Becky fix". Let me tell you, the withdrawals have been hard. I dread the day you are too tired from staying up all night with a baby or chasing a two year old to write your blog. You will be happy and doing exactly what you have been waiting for, but you will have left those of us with not much of a life high and dry with no crazy stories to brighten our day. On second thought, don't worry about us.......Just love on that wonderful Liam when he comes,The rest of us will survive fine just knowing you are happy. Love Aunty Lu

Dee said...

So glad to hear you had a day of reprieve from being sick!

About that clutziness--yeah, it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Here I am at 34 weeks and I can barely lift my leg without toppling over. Never mind the fun I have when I put my underwear and pants on each morning!

My baby also tends to get shy when daddy puts his hand on my belly. Seems she's a saucy little minx but he's gotten lucky the few times she's decided to let him feel her squirming around. And how I love that feeling....

So glad to hear that you and Liam are doing well. He'll be here before you know it!