Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Liam Using Sign Language

Liam is really excelling in Sign Language. You may know I am fluent in ASL. I teach two beginning sign language classes at my church and I hope to someday finish my interpreting certification/degree. Also having a very close friend who is deaf, motivates me to teach Liam ASL. There is a great misconception that teaching toddlers Sign Language will inhibit and delay speech. The opposite has proven true. Here is a picture of Liam signing all done, and also saying "All-all." He can currently sign: swing, bear, bed, phone, tree, want, eat, more, bath and light. However his favorite is by far "All done." He uses it when he is finished napping and finished eating but he really likes to use it when he wants something to be done. Diaper changes, car rides and here in the picture to the left, he wanted desperately to leave the restaurant! It is amazing that at 18 months my son can tell me when he is hungry, tired or bored. I just wanted to share that with you!


Grandmalinda said...

Grandmalinda chimes in.....I was blown away on our visit last week when Liam used signed and spoken language to express a complete sentence! He told me "Shhhh Mama sleeping" using two signs and the word Mama. What can I say, my grandson's a genius ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your post. I taught Gavriella to sign. Can you tell me what is the sign for cucumber? I cannot find it anywhere.

The Crooked Cervix


Anonymous said...

Cucumber! I have looked all over for this sign, also. Most sites show it as the word spelled-out, which doesn't help me much when trying to communicate with little ones who can't spell yet. Through my local library, I found this site:


...which does show cucumber (holding a C in the left hand like holding a cucumber while the right index finger makes a slicing motion).