Saturday, February 11, 2006

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day

I find that I look less tired in black and white pictures.... I am working from 7 pm until 7 am right now. Whew this was a lot easier when I was in my twenties. Now that I am an aged 3-0, I just ain't what I used to be. I miss my little guy and I want to raise my coffee cups to all the working moms out there. It is hard to be away from him. Who will kiss his feet and tummy when he wakes up this morning? Well, OK, his dad will, but, but who will make him laugh and....You know what? I am just not needed when Daddy is around, sniff sniff. Not only that but now when Liam cries, only Bailey, the yellow lab that is horrible with kids, is a sure thing to make him smile. Signing off now, yours truly, Chopped Liver.

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